Class 5EC

My holidays!!!

On Monday the 13th of April I  went on holiday with  Mum,Craig,Connor,taylor,Taden,Grandma,Grandad and me. We went to butlins, we had a amazing time. It took about 2 hours to get there. When we got there we got to our two apartments. Then we un-packed. After that we went swimming. On Tuesday we went out to Fantasy Island and  I brought some dresses. Then on Wednesday we walked to Skegness. We had an amazing time there. We got the bus back because we was to tried to walk back to butlins. On Thursday we just stayed in the apartments and chilled. Then on Friday we got all packed up and came home.

By Millie xxx


On Monday some children in year 5 went to Castleton. It was very fun, but also very tiring. When we got there we had Lunch, then we went and played some activities. I was in Mrs Keogh’s group, and we played some games. Firstly, we did a little worm up, the warm up was for everyone to hold hands, then 2 people let go of hands to get a rope on 1 of there hands. After that, we had to get the rope over your body, but if you let go of hands you was out!!!! Then we played Earthball. Earthball is where you have an massive ball, and you had to try and do what our teacher told us to do. It was hard! When we did that we met up with Miss Jaques class and went and chilled in oue rooms till Tea time at 6:00. After dinner we played some more activites. When we had finished our activies we went to our rooms to chill, and the good thing was we didnt have a pesific bedtime!!! On Tuesday we got up and went for breakfast at about 8:30. After breakfast we went for a 3 hour walk up to Mountin Mal Tor. It sempt like it took days. When we got to the top we was in the clouds then……. it started pouring it down with rain, so we got soacked. Then we walked back. When we got back we  got our Lunch, after that we had a long play, then we went to our rooms to get changed and had a shower. Then we came for tea, after that we did candle making. Then we watched a film.

To be continued……

New class name

My New name for our class is going to be ” The crazy Crew ” because we all are crazy and we all are really funny. I think this would be a great name for 5Lk!! 

From swimmer girl 😀

France cancel

Grrrrrr why do people have to go and do things like that !!!!!! grrrrr. P.s. Was so looking forward to DISNEYLAND

p.p.s. I wish we were still going p.p.p.s. This was the last Saint John’s residential p.p.p.p.s. So annoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Exclamation marks to infinity) ='(

New class name for 5LK!!

Hello Year 5,
Don’t forget, there is a competition for you to create a new name for our class. The prize is a whopping £10 voucher for you to spend on virtually anything you want!

Firstly, you ought to think of something that interests or excites you. After that, you can maybe play around with your idea by perhaps using alliteration, word play, metaphors, similes or anything else which you think would make the new name sound intriguing or even mind-blowing!


Mrs Keogh



Not the game!

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Mrs K

Rhodes holiday ;)

Wahoo! Going to roads Ireland with Bailey from the other class. What has been your favourite holiday?

Castleton Trip Losehill hall

Hello Guys,

I’m so exited for the Castleton trip are u? I can’t wait to do archery and shelter building and all the activities it will be so much fun! I wish it would come quicker haha. -Swimmer Girl (Eleanor) 😀


New 5LK name!!!!

My new name for our class is going to be ” Giggling Giraffes” because, Mrs Keogh and other people in our class always makes us laugh. Also the things that Mrs Keogh comes up with are funny.

That is why I have made it ” Giggling Giraffes”.